Job profile

On the refrigeration systems engineer apprenticeship, you will learn the following skills:

  • Reading technical plans, design drawings and blueprints
  • Laying and connecting pipes, fabricating and assembling shelving and technical systems
  • Assembling prefabricated components and cooling/electrical units for refrigeration systems and equipment
  • Assembly, connection and commissioning of refrigeration and air conditioning systems, heat pumps and refrigerating installations as well as execution of the leakage tests.
  • Installing and adjusting measuring, monitoring, regulating, process control and safety devices
  • Performing soundproofing, corrosion protection and insulation technology measures
  • Measuring, repairing, checking and maintaining refrigeration and air conditioning systems, heat pumps and refrigerating installations
  • Servicing and maintaining relevant equipment as well as machines and tools; performing technical repair tasks
  • Using refrigerants while ensuring environmentally friendly practices
  • Recording technical data and creating technical documentation

If you do a dual apprenticeship combining this with electrical systems engineer training, your apprenticeship will last for four years.


Our Expectations

  • You are interested in refrigeration systems and willing to learn something new
  • You are technically skilled
  • You are responsible, motivated and team-minded
  • Good semester report / diploma (also school leavers of higher education schools welcome)



  • Start of apprenticeship: 01. 08. 2021
  • Duration of apprenticeship: 3.5 years
  • Apprenticeship compensation: starting from 738.78 gross a month
  • Location: Linz, St. Martin im Mühlkreis, St. Pölten, Vienna, Greater area of Graz, Greater area of Villach


 Any questions about applying?

You can call our apprentice trainer Rupert Danninger at 

 All set?

Apply now via or via our application form. Please refer to the reference number HP-110216.


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